The Essence of Dik Chin

by Kimono Draggin'

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It is the year 2003 and the story begins with 1,800 year old Fighter Jojono Draggin’, master of the ancient fighting style Dik Chin and the key leader of the Kimono Draggin' Fighting Clan. A pimped-out player at all times and a lethal weapon on occasion, Jojono awakes from a telepathic vision sent from his 1,826 year old mother, Kimono Draggin’. She reminds him that he should find and save her from the evil syndicate who kidnapped her some 1,800 years ago. Although Jojono never physically met his mother, she raised, trained, and instructed him in the ways of Dik Chin through a strong telepathic bond between them. As with herself, Kimono was able to halt Jojono’s aging process. Although Jojono is not as powerful as his mother, and definitely not as sharp witted, he comes in a close second ahead of any other student whom ever walked the path of Dik Chin.

In the present day Dik Chin is all but a myth in most cultures, in fact most of it’s students failed, died, or quit. Jojono will now summon his only 2 students, T.V.’s Jaash Paneer and Szechuan Charlie for what may be the single-most important mission in the history of world… Free Kimono Draggin’ or watch the fate of all mankind fall victim to the largest Crime Syndicate in the world,
Ball Busters LLC.


released July 1, 2003

All songs written and arranged by Kimono Draggin'.

Recorded and Engineered by Scott Amore at Inner Space Sound Labs.



all rights reserved